Suspension and Spring Maintenance Advice

What is the suspension system?

Your suspension system protects you and your vehicle from the impact of irregular road surfaces as you drive. It’s comprised of three basic components including shocks, springs and struts.

  1. Shocks: Shocks keep your tires in contact with the road and help minimize the effect of hitting a bump.
  2. Springs: Springs support the weight of your vehicle and help maintain proper riding height.
  3. Struts: Struts are common on newer model vehicles. They act as shocks and help your wheels turn easily.

How could something go wrong?

The most common problem is wear from extended road use. Another cause is a jarring impact (or a series of jarring impacts) that could cause breakage.

How do you recognize a problem?

Bouncing is the most noticeable sign. And the steering wheel will feel loose. You should also check to see if your car is sitting level.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t have your car looked at the minute trouble signs appear. It could save you money. Because shocks and struts wear out gradually, problems may not be as noticeable as, say, a muffler falling off, but you can make your life easier by having a technician periodically perform a complete vehicle safety inspection.

Have all the components of your suspension system checked to determine any problem areas. Then repair or replace only the parts that need repair or replacement, using recommended guidelines.

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  1. Earnest Watkins says:

    I thought your description of the difference between shocks, springs, and struts was really helpful. It’s also good to know that shocks and struts can actually wear out gradually. I’ll be sure to have my shocks inspected regularly so I can stay on top of them.

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