Oil Changes

The Importance of an Oil Change

Professional Oil ChangeThere is no better way to keep your car in tip top performance than having your oil changed on a regular basis. By changing your oil whenever recommended by the manufacturer or your repair shop you can literally speaking have it run for hundreds of thousands of miles. Oil changes cost under fifty dollars, even if you choose to have the top of the line oil added into your car. There’s no reason why you couldn’t afford such a simple procedure.

Benefits of An Oil Change

By getting your oil changed on a regular basis, you will not only improve the life of your cars engine, but you will also allow your car to maximize the horsepower it puts on the road; and you can be sure that all of your cylinders are firing and working as properly as when the car was new.

The Drawbacks of a Missed Oil Change

Dirty Motor Oil vs Clean Motor OilThe drawbacks of not getting your oil changed are catastrophic. Firstly, not changing your oil often enough can cause significant damage to your engine, as the oil is necessary to keep all of the moving parts lubricated. By not having enough oil or by using oil that has outlived its usefulness (is filled with dirt or has low viscosity), you run the risk of lowering the working efficiency of your engine’s parts.

In the long run, parts grinding together without lubrication — in such a stressful environment as an internal combustion engine — could eventually lead to parts fusing together, jamming up, or completely failing. This is catastrophic, as the engine would simply stop working or actually explode if enough parts refuse to work. One customer had the pistons blow right through the bottom of the oil pan and onto the pavement.

Why Use a Professional

Because of all of the major restrictions on what you can and can’t do with oil, it makes sense to have a professional change your oil. If you do the change yourself, you will have to save all of the oil which you remove from the car and take it to a place like your local fire station to have professionals dispose of it, instead of you simply taking it to the dump or pouring it down the drain. At Bill’s Friendly Auto Service, we can dispose of your oil in the proper, environmentally sensitive manner.

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